Monday, January 23, 2012

2nd Audition

This time I do all the best I can do. I am finalist number 17 from 30 other finalists. The audition was divided into 2 sessions, and I was in the 2nd. And I was on the 2nd order perform after finalist number 16. But hell no! She didn't come. Great, perfect, I was the "lucky" number 1!!! TT^TT

Hm, I didn't really care actually about it. I enjoyed the audition as training maybe, not competition. I didn't nervous at all. Yeah, just let it be. Smiling from it started until finished. :D

Make up and hijab session started, and like I did last night with Afril at my private room, I cleaned my face with VIVA milk cleanser and face tonic first. Then spreaded my sun block cream from my dermatologist, then VIVA fondation. After that I attached my WARDAH face powder, and the last touched PIGEON compact powder.

Moved to the eye make up. I'd like to have eye shadow with PAC (I had two colors, golden brown for eyelid, and light grey on other part as the base color to touch up with other color), and REVLON (blue color, touched up on the grey PAC). To give the strong impression on eye, I made "border" on my eyelid with LA TULIPE eyeliner black color. And last touched for eye area, I borrowed Mellisa (finalist number 18, sitted next to me, MAYBELINN maskara for my eyelash)

Hm, almost completed. :)
Last touched, I had REVLON for blush on my cheek, and REVLON lipstick pink color for my lips.
And the make up session finished! Then, continued with photo session and the last session was walking on catwalk.

While I had been home, after the audition, I captured my own picture with my Nikon D40 of course. So this is... :)

Eventhough I couldn't pass this audition to the final, for me this is my precious experience. It needs an extra large of self confidence to join an audition like this if you never wonder that you are qualified to. Hehehe :p

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catwalk Model???

I never expected before to 'smell' even a lil' about this stuff! I have a dream to be a fashion design, but never thinking about trying to be catwalk model. Ow my GOSSHHH!

It firstly because of Rizka forced me to join this contest, Hijabers Malang Model Hunt 2012. Just because she is my best friend, so I with the truly heavy heart joined this to make her satisfy. But I did with my best of course but not hoping so much to pass the first auditions. If I pass, Alhamdulillah, if it's not, it's okay coz it's not my passion to be.

And the fate said, "I succeed as the top 30 finalist". Oh hell *ups noooo!! Alhamdulillah, but what to do after that?? Lil' happy but so much afraid, coz I think I'm not qualified as a model. Looked from height? oh no. Face? not also. I'm soo shy, no convidence even Winda, Paman Gembul, Mas Yudi, Abang Ian, Rizka, and others giving me spirit and support. Sigh!

 (Aaarrgh, why should these pictures selected?!)

This afternoon, I have to pass the make up and hijab session, continue with catwalk session, and the last photo session. Hell! What to do?? TT^TT Allah, please help me!!! *begging

Hey, just wish me luck! Although with a heavy heart, I will do my best! *cross the heart
I have to pass this test to get the final, top 10 finalist. Iwish coz I just wanna make them who giving me support and spirit, dissapointed. Hehehe. Ammiin yra. :p
*but I'm not hoping too much, let it flow :p --> still pessimist

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Hate The Hijab!

On this posting I'll show you a video, eerrr, seems controversial with the title, doesn't it?! "I hate the Hijab!".
But actually this one is attracting to be watched by a muslim girl, also me. Hahaha. Check this one out girls.. :)

So, what do you think? :)

Hmm,*count up*
Wow, long time enough wearing hijab since I was in High School, in a second grade exactly. So, it's about 6 years or lil' more. I never figured out before. Long time enough, uh?! :p

Well guys, never hate wearing hijab. Just enjoy, surely by your heart! ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dumpling "Tomuchi" Noodle ala Cepuk As Vivie

Ow gosh! It's been long long time no posting, uh?! So this is the first posting in this year! *cheer for it!! :D*
Many duties I've been done, plus my sister came home in the end 2011 till the beginning 2012.. So I loved to spend my time with her, instead of sitting in front of my lovely blue notebook. Hehe. And during she was home, I liked to cook and eat the food I cooked with her, beside go shopping everyday. Ooh, kinda quality and lovely time for her! I was really happy and enjoyed it so much! :)

Well, I have two recipes to show on my blog to you, hey readers :) You can try this too at your kitchen. I'll share the ingredients but exclude the way I cooked.
The first recipe is Dumpling "Tomuchi" Noodle, and the second is Cheesy Mushroom Ommelete. Fortunately all are improved ala Cepuk As Vivie. Yeah, surely guys, and those are so much delicious from the original recipes. Believe it! Hahaha. :D

And here is Dumpling "Tomuchi" Noodle ala Cepuk As Vivie. I'll show you the picture.

Anyway, do you know what is "Tomuchi"? It stands for Tomato Mushroom Chicken. Hahaha :D
Yaph, I'd like to have special something called sauce with a sour and lil' salty taste for the Dumpling Noodle.

Describing about this recipe, I'll tell you from the "tomuchi" first. I'd like to have tomato, mushroom, and grinded chicken which already roasted, as the ingredients. And yeah coz this is stir-frying, don't forget to prepare margarine or cooking oil. It's up to you. For spices, I have garlic and onion. Others are salt and white pepper.

For the noodle, I have chicken oil or vegetable oil (as your choice), sesame oil, fish sauce, salt, and white pepper. Those are mix with boiled noodle. It's gonna be tasty noodle.

The last, must have compliment is the dumpling itself!

Ooh, it's so yummy yummy yummy!! So, try to make it at your kitchen! It's a very simple and easy recipe from Cepuk As Vivie. Good Luck! :)