Monday, April 16, 2012

The Unforgetable: KKN Mapres

KKN stands for Kuliah Kerja Nyata, yet I'd like to say it community service. And Mapres means Mahasiswa Berprestasi (outstanding?? hmm). Ooh, we (in team) agreed that we were not! ;) So, this activity I joined in this early year 2012 on January-February at Ngantru Village, a very beautiful village I knew. There, we submitted and shared knowledges that we have to help and motivate people for the prosperous and even wishing for the welfare of the society.

I went there and lived there about 16 days with my fabulous team. They are Kurniawan (as coordinator of team), Yoga, Bayu, Irwin, Irma, Ardhita, mas Eko, Yani, Adam, and Anni. Some of them I've never known before. But finally we knew each other personally coz we were living in the same house there, one house, one roof, hehehe. We knew each habit, some of them like to have coffee everyday, listen to "galau" music, sweep the floor every morning, cook for all member in the house, do the exercise every morning, play the game in notebook, and many more. We spent all the time together for having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even supper, watching sad movies and crying together, playing with kids around, singing "galau" songs together, and all of the things we did together that I can't mention one by one. Beside that knowing what they like, we knew what they dislike too, and also what they scared of. Ooh, all of the things of them colored my day there! Funny, sweet, so kind, yet sometimes lil' bit suck :p And 16 days are completely made us agree that "WE ARE FAMILY". :)

Spending the time with them is so unforgetable :)

these both below are edited by Irwin

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