Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My Thesis

Ooh God, I really do not know what should I do, between being grateful or being cursed by this topic. :|
I got Imperata cylindrica, or as known as cogongrass or alang-alang in Indonesia, to be my topic because of it contains antioxidants which I don't really understand the kind is, phenol, or flavonoid, or elses. WHAT IS THAT??? sounds something strange. Sometimes I got stuck with if I couldn't find a journal which is related, like I wanna scream outloud!! Aaarrggh! So suck! TT^TT

Yeah I know, I know, exactly, that complaining and grumbling aren't allowed, that are bad, but I feel tired. You know, TIRED!! Really human, isn't it?! But I would not let myself going down or giving up of this that sometimes I feel it's not a very difficult instead of my friends, coz I have big God who will help me. *feeling lil' bit grateful and optimist* I'd not stop trying and wishing to God give me ease to pass all about this preliminary study and research of making bread with cogongrass itself.


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